Perak MB draws flak over purchase of new Lexus

Picture from Malaysiakini

By John Isaac

THE purchase of an RM200,000 Lexus ES sedan (photo, above) as the new official car for Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Faizal Azumu in the midst of tough times due to the current Covid-19 pandemic reveals Faizal’s hypocrisy and selfishness, Perak Pakatan Harapan Youth said.

“(This) shows his hypocrisy and insensitivity towards to rakyat’s situation in facing the challenges and tough times in dealing with the economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“His (Faizal’s) hypocrisy has become more obvious lately, where even though he portrays a ‘cool’ image, but behind that image, he is always making decisions and taking actions that only benefit himself,” Perak Harapan Youth said in a statement reported by Malaysiakini.

The statement was jointly released by Perak Amanah Youth chief Khairol Najib Hasim, Perak DAP Youth chief Chaw Kam Foon and Perak PKR Youth chief Mohamad Hairul Amir Sabri.

Previously, Faizal had reportedly said the state government got him a new car because one of the 16 Toyota Camry cars in the state government’s fleet was sold to former state legal adviser Rohana Abd Malek, who retired last December.

“She asked to buy it. She was our longest-serving legal advisor, so we approved it (the sale).

“She still needed to pay over RM100,000 for it, which is cheaper than getting it from outside,” he had said.

However, Perak Harapan Youth questioned whether the car sold to the retired officer was the unit allocated to her or the one used by Faizal.

“If the vehicle was the one used by the officer, then the new replacement vehicle should be equal and around the same price range as the original price of the (Camry) car.

“Why is Faizal the one who got a new car, which is more expensive than the Camry used by the other excos and executive officers?” they asked.

This seems as if the menteri besar had exploited this opportunity to buy himself a more expensive car to replace the Camry, they said.

“The decision to buy a new car with a price tag that is not equal to those used by the excos and other executive officers is a selfish act that does not take into consideration the country’s economic situation under the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Faizal does not empathise at all with the rakyat’s situation where thousands in the state have lost their source of income and jobs,” they said.

As such, Perak Harapan Youth condemned Faizal’s action of spending so much money from the state’s coffers just to buy himself a luxury vehicle and then hiding behind an unreasonable excuse.

Faizal had also courted a lot of flak for replacing the state government’s fleet of Proton Perdana cars with 16 Toyota Camry units last year.

According to Faizal, his new Lexus ES sedan cost the state government around RM200,000.