PDP: Do not underestimate the opposition in Sarawak

By Emma Victoria

THE Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) has urged its leaders and members not to underestimate the persistence and doggedness of the opposition, otherwise they may pay a heavy price for their complacency.

Its president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said any potential candidates must enter the field, serve with a sincere heart, and consolidate their grassroot support instead of relying on empty words without any action.

“We must shed all complacency and even the notion of pursuing our own ambitions for now,” he said.

“Our struggle is like a boat sailing on a current. If we don’t push forward, we will be floated helplessly in a different direction,” he said in a statement.

Tiong said pride and complacency were stumbling blocks in the process of serving the people and it was easy to get stuck in the mud if their minds were not on target.

“We must communicate with the people in a moderate manner, determine whether the party is lacking in any area and help the people on any issues.

“Strive to work hard so that the opposition has no chance to find any gaps in our service to the people.

“If all party members stick to these strict standards, I believe we can win the votes of all ethnic groups,” he added.