Pas Sarawak wants MCO lifted only if cases continue to drop

Sarawak PAS State Commissioner Jofri Jaraiee (Sarawak Voice Pic)

By Jack Lapidus

MALAYSIA’S preventive measures against Covid-19 appear to have slowed down the infectious disease with 65 districts in the country now classified as green zones.

In view of this positive progress, Sarawak PAS commissioner Jofri Jaraieecum said the government needs to review its Movement Control Order (MCO) in these zones and consider lifting the Order provided that the movement in the areas are also restricted.

“Residents in the green zone areas are not allowed to travel to yellow and red zone areas and vice versa.

“Although they are free to move within the green zone, this does not mean that they can live the same lifestyle as before.

They need to isolate themselves by maintaining good hygiene and social distance as well as not hold mass gatherings so that all Covid-19 outbreaks can be completely eliminated nationwide,” he said.

MCO should still be enforced in red and yellows zones until the pandemic is fully addressed.

Jofri, who is also Miri PAS chief, said the MCO can be lifted provided that the number of Covid-19 cases continue to decline.

“The problem is whether this can be committed or done by Malaysians as we find that there are some states or territories that are free from the epidemic COVID-19 after the MCO was implemented, including the yellow zone,” he said.

He believed that all Malaysians want Covid-19 to be completely eliminated and in order to do so, it is imperative that everyone adheres to the directives of the MCO.

“During this month of Ramadan, Muslims can learn how to discipline themselves to obey God’s commandments by refraining from eating and drinking during the day.

“We have to change our way of life and take care of our health by restricting our movement, practise social distancing and so on to avoid Covid-19 from spreading further even after the MCO is lifted,” he said.

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