On Mid-Autumn Festival, Aziz warns Putrajaya of rebellion against oppression

Aziz handing out mooncakes at the 3rd Mile Bazaar. – Handout photo.

By Chew Lip Song

THE Federal government should learn from the 14th century Chinese rebellion against the oppressive Mongol rule that took place on the Mooncake Festival, DAP Batu Kitang chairman Abdul Aziz Isa said.

He said back then, the Han who under Mongol rule got together on the 15th day of the Eight Lunar Month to overthrow the tyrannical ruler. This was done by hiding the call for rebellion on a piece of paper hidden inside mooncakes.

“That night, unity and righteousness shined under the full moon. Even the dynasty in ancient time had to command the support and mandate of the people to rule rightfully, not to mention a modern democratic nation like Malaysia should even respect the people’s mandate,” he said in a statement in conjunction with the festival which falls today.

Aziz, who is also special assistant to Sarawak DAP chairman said during the last general election, Pakatan Harapan and Warisan garnered 5.7 million votes, compared with 4.08 million for Barisan Nasional and 2.04 million for PAS.

But the mandate given to the previous Federal government was stolen following the “Sheraton Move” which saw losers from the general election coming back to power.

“Malaysians still have the chance to use their rights as an eligible voter to overthrow a corrupted regime that surrounded by the convicted thief, corrupted politicians and autocratic leaders.

“The only way the right-thinking Malaysians can do this is through the democratic process which the general and state elections which is expected to be held soon,” Aziz added.

Earlier, Aziz and his team and distributed 500 mooncakes to hawkers and visitors at the 3rd Mile Bazaar.

The Mooncake Festival is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival and is one of the most important events in the Chinese calendar.