On International Women’s Day, PM pledges to make WFH easier for women

Muhyiddin – Bernamapix

THE Public Service Department and the Human Resource Ministry have been directed to look into expanding the viability of working from home (WFH) for women.

In an address in conjunction with the International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the government was also looking into paying full salaries to women caring for sick family members.

Women whose husband had died, could also be allowed to work from home.

“This is to enable them to manage death related matters which normally takes a long time to be resolved,” said Muhyiddin in a recorded address broadcasted on TV1 today.

The PM also announced MyKasih Kapital, which provides capital to empower women in businesses.

The incentive, expected to benefit 2,000 recipients, could be could be used for as e-commerce or dropshipping, with a maximum capital of RM1,000 for each recipient.

“We will also set up Skuad WAJA to provide psycho-social support and to raise awareness of crime issues to stop violence against women and to strengthen general knowledge on women’s rights,” he said.

Muhyiddin also urged all parties to strive to provide safe work environment for women and to ensure that efforts to deter sexual harassment were in place.

“The government has also provided grants to set up nurseries in the public and private sectors. Therefore, take this opportunity to provide this facility which will give multiplier impacts to many parties.

“It is also important for women to be heard at higher levels and given a role as decision makers and rightfully, according to their own expertise to boost women leadership,” he said.