Oil rig sinks off Miri, all 101 crew rescued


By S. Harrish

AN oil rig off Miri shore has sunk after it started listing yesterday, with all 101 crew members evacuated.

Three life boats were deployed and the crew of the offshore rig platform Naga 7 are now placed at the Offshore Transit Centre (OTC) in Miri.

They will be undergoing mandatory 14-day quarantines.

ConocoPhillips Sarawak Ltd said in a statement that the incident happened at about 2.45pm yesterday

It confirmed that everyone on board had been evacuated with no known injuries or environmental damage.

As of 7.45 this morning, it is confirmed that the oil rig Naga 7 has become submerged.

Meanwhile Borneo Post reports Miri Divisional Disaster Management Committee (MDDMC) minister in charge Datuk Lee Kim Shin saying he had been informed of the incident and had approved the request for the crew to be transported to the OTC.

“This is an offshore emergency case and therefore we had given immediate approval for the crew to be taken to OTC here.

“As per SOP, all will be asked to wear wristbands and mandatory quarantine order upon arrival at Miri Port,” he said.

Meanwhile, EnergyVoice.com reports that the jack-up rig Naga 7 started tilting and sank after it apparently “punched through” the seabed.

“What I understand by this is that when it started testing the seabed to take the full weight of the rig, it broke through the partially consolidated sea floor and through into unconsolidated mud below, in one corner apparently,” said one industry source.

The Naga 7 rig was at the site of the Salam-3 waters about 90m deep.