Nurse comes out of retirement to help in fight against Covid-19

Picture courtesy from Biby

By John Isaac

ANSWERING calls from the health authorities for retired doctors and nurses to step up in the nation’s fight against Covid-19, ex-nurse, Biby Maideen, 68, has come forward to offer her services.

Biby said she had discussed the matter with her four children before submitting her application to the Health Ministry.

“My children were very supportive of my decision. Even if I sit at home, death can come anytime.

“Though my contributions may not be great, at least I can do my little to help,” she told Malaysiakini.

Bibi studied to become a nurse in the United Kingdom and got her diploma in 1974.

She then worked there for three years before returning to Malaysia and worked at a private health institute for four years.

In the early 1980s, she joined the public health service where she worked for 15 years before returning to the private sector.

She also attended other nursing courses and at the age of 52, she returned to the UK where she worked for 14 years, mostly caring for the aged.

“I retired three years ago following requests from my children for me to rest.

“When I was in the UK, I gained plenty of experience managing numerous contagious diseases.

“There, we had the Norovirus and winter virus which was prevalent during the cold seasons,” she said.

She said that though many retired nurses may come forward, they may not be able to work long as frontliners because of their age.

“However, I am sure we can assist in lighter duties and help ease the burdens of our current frontliners,” she added.