Now is not the time for snap polls, says Yii

By S. Harrish

CONCERNS are mounting over calls from various Umno leaders for snap elections as Covid-19 numbers remain high nationwide.

“It is simply not the time for a nationwide general election,” said Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii.

He said their attempts to call for polls now clearly showed how certain politicians put their personal interest and power over the well-being, safety and even economic struggles of the general population.

He added that having a general election this year would be disastrous as the nation was still reeling from the health fallout from the Sabah elections, which sparked the third wave.

Yii said in a statement that though Malaysia would get its Covid-19 vaccine soon, it was not a silver bullet that will end the pandemic.

“We will need to wait until the majority of the population is immunised before a general election with necessary adjustments can even be considered.”

He said the Election Commission also needed time to implement new SOPs including absentee voting or extending postal voting to either vulnerable population or those working or studying outside the states especially in Sabah and Sarawak.

He said many Malaysians, including Sabahans and Sarawakians, were compelled to find jobs far from their homes due to unequal economic development among the states.

“They should not be further burdened financially or put at risk during this Covid-19 pandemic by having to travel back to their constituencies just to exercise their fundamental right to vote.”

Bersih Sarawak made an estimate that up to 20% of eligible East Malaysian voters were living and working in Peninsular Malaysia and a good number of citizens from the peninsula were doing likewise in Sabah and Sarawak.