No Chinese characters for DBKU’s road signs

By Emma Victoria

THE Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) has decided to use only the national language on road signs in its jurisdiction.

Its mayor Datuk Junaidi Reduan said a full council meeting was held to deliberate the issue on Monday, following a request from Sarawak DAP Youth (Dapsy) to restore Chinese characters for three road signs.

“After the meeting, we decided to continue the existing policy of using one language which is the national language, for road signs in DBKU areas, at least for now,” he told reporters when met at an event here yesterday, Borneo Post reported.

Asked about Sarawak Dapsy’s claim that the late chief minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem had given a directive for bilingual road signs, Junaidi said he was unaware of this.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve seen the policy decision which is only one language, that’s the national language,” he said.

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