Nicholester the third family member I had to bury, says grandpa

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By John Isaac

THIS will be the third time 76-year-old army veteran Salang Kaya has had to bury his family members who perished in road accidents.

Salang, the grandfather of the late police constable Nicholester Dadup Unggat, 20, said it was difficult for him to accept the demise of his grandson as he was the one who had raised Nicholester from when he was a baby following the separation of his parents.

“He was posted to Johor Bahru and stationed at Bandar Dato’ Onn police station after he completed his training at Pulapol, Kuching in May this year.

“We always keep in touch whenever I am free because he is at such a young age. I called him the night before the accident and he informed me that he will be on duty from midnight until 8am,” Salang told reporters when met at his house in Sibu Jaya.

According to Borneo Post, Salang said Nicholester had always wanted to join the police or the army.

Prior to being accepted to train as a policeman, Nicholester had twice applied to join the army but was rejected both times, he added.

According to Salang, two of his adopted sons had also died in road accidents.

“The first one died in a logging camp in Kapit in 1996 and my second adopted son who was in the army died in Batang Kali, Selangor in 2016,” he said.

Salang said the wake for Nicholester will be held for two days before burial on Thursday at Nirvana Memorial Park at Jalan Sibu-Bintulu.

Meanwhile, Nicholester’s mother Elizabeth Salang, 42, said she was left in shock after her son’s superior contacted her about his demise.