Mysterious bird deaths not due to Covid-19

A video grab of a dying bird


By S. Harrish

THE mysterious deaths of birds in Kuching last week are not linked to either Covid-19 or avian flu.

Samples taken by the Veterinary Department at one of the locations where the birds were found, ruled out both diseases.

“Based on the initial report on the bird case in Kuching, we ruled out avian influenza and Covid-19,” a source from within Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) told New Sarawak Tribune.

However, there is no information yet on the cause of death of the birds.

Last week, several videos of dying birds circulated in social media. One video showed a bird that was limping and twitching before it abruptly died.

It is understood that both the Veterinary Department and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) investigated the matter.


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