Mysterious bird deaths in Kuching

A video grab of the dying bird

By S. Harrish

BIRDS have been dropping dead in Kuching and it is raising concerns over a possible outbreak of the avian flu.

Multiple accounts of birds mysteriously dying have cropped up in social media and it has caused concern over the cause.

In a short 1 minute 28 seconds video shared to New Sarawak Tribune, it showed a bird that was limping and twitching due to unknown causes.

It is believed that the video was recorded in an unspecified location Kuching.

A similar case of birds dying mysteriously occurred in Singapore recently, but its link to Covid-19 was denied by Singaporean authorities, insisting that the birds were being culled.

However in China, a H5N1 avian flu outbreak has been reported in Hunan province.

The contagion caused 4,500 chickens to die while nearly 18,000 poultry have been culled due to the outbreak.

Although no human cases of the Hunan H5N1 virus have been reported and Covid-19 is thought to only spread to mammals, it is a cause for concern, a medical practitioner told New Sarawak Tribune.

The physician said if the incident in Kuching was true, then it is worrisome.

“We need to test the dead birds to rule out bird flu, Covid-19 and other viral diseases affecting birds.”

The State Disaster Management Committee has been informed of the situation.

It is also understood that the Veterinary Department and Sarawak Forestry Corporation have been notified and are investigating the matter.