Muslims in Sarawak can start praying in mosques

By S. Harrish

MUSLIMS in Sarawak can start praying in mosques and suraus from tomorrow according to the guidelines set by the Sarawak Islamic Department (Jais).

Jais said in a statement that a one-metre distance must be maintained by members of the congregation and the number of people entering will depend on its size.

For the state mosque, only 100 people can enter at any one time during Friday prayers, and 40 at other times.

For district and divisional mosques or suraus, or grade I, II and III, a maximum of 50 people are allowed to enter at one time during Friday prayers, and 40 for the five daily prayers.

For Kariah mosques or grade IV, only a maximum of 40 people are allowed for any prayers.

Jais said mosques and suraus can open for at least an hour before the azan, and must be closed immediately after the last prayer.

Islamic classes can be carried out but must adhere to the one-metre social distancing SOP.

It added that other sermon activities are not allowed.

The elderly, those with chronic diseases like heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma, and children ages 15 and below are advised not to participate in any mosque or surau activities.

Jais said wuduk must be done at home and everyone must bring their own prayer mats, wear face masks at all times, wash their hands, use hand sanitisers and write down their names and contact details.

The public are not to touch the door knobs, handrails, safety grills, electrical switches, donation boxes, microphones or any objects often touched by many people.

Jais also advised the mosques and suraus to carry out disinfection work every time before and after prayers.