MP raises funds for government clinic to better serve patients

Dr Kelvin being briefed during his recent visit to the clinic

By John Isaac

THE Bandar Kuching MP recently visited Klinik Kesihatan Tanah Puteh in Kuching to follow-up on their different needs and finds ways to assist them for the benefit of the staff and patients.

According to Dr Kelvin Yii, the clinic is also among those chosen to do Covid-19 screening and there is a need for improvements, especially to cope with the possible increase in patients.

“Recently due to the heavy rains, some parts of the clinic were partially flooded especially the outside which is used as a Covid-19 testing bay especially for those that show Influenza-like-symptoms.

“While my allocations have been cut since I am no longer part of the government, we managed to allocate RM 8,800 for Clinic Tanah Puteh to help address some of the issues including the flooding in the testing bay for the convenience of the staff and also patients,” he said.

Dr Kelvin said he has been making frequent visits to help the clinic, especially to upgrade certain facilities, provide new equipment including orthodontic equipment, new air-conditioning, repainting, building an awning at the main entrance, and more.

When PH was the government, he said he allocated about RM 373,000 for all the upgrades to appreciate the hard work of all the staff there as well and provide a better environment for the patients that go there on a daily basis.

“One of our priorities is to take care of the welfare and needs of the staff, and when they are properly taken care of, they will provide better quality of care to the patients,” he said.

The Tanah Puteh Clinic is a government clinic with a long history.

“And it happens to be located right in the centre of my constituency. Many doctors have also served in this government clinic for many years and me and my family have come here for medical treatment since I was a little boy.

“That is why, I will try my best to help them however I can. We all play a part to help one another especially during this pandemic,” added Dr Kelvin.