More than 1,500 residents cut off after road collapses

Picture from Utusan Borneo

By John Isaac

MORE than 1,500 residents from 21 longhouses have been cut off after the road to the Nanga Jagau resettlement scheme collapsed last night.

Ngemah Ulu community leader Penghulu Juni Massam, said the road collapsed after one of the culverts at Nanga Belasang was damaged due to a landslide following a heavy downpour last night.

He said SK Nanga Jagau was flooded due to overflowing Sungai Ngemah. with water reaching waist level.

Juni said that he already informed the authorities about the matter, as reported in Borneo Post.

Nanga Jagau is one of the most remote resettlement set up by the now defunct Rajang Area Security Command (Rascom) in the Rajang basin during communist insurgency era in the 1970s.

The resettlement is only accessible via river transport and a former logging track.