Miss Universe Malaysia Francisca Luhong shares Covid-19 experience

Francisca Luhong James – Picture from Borneo Post

By John Isaac

MISS Universe Malaysia 2020, Francisca Luhong James took to Instagram to share her experience after testing positive and eventually recovering from Covid-19.

The 25-year-old Sarawakian, who was unsure of how she contracted the virus, informed she had tested positive for Covid-19 recently.

Francisca said she was infected despite observing the pandemic’s standard operating procedures by wearing a mask, sanitising, washing her hands regularly and observing physical distancing.

“When I received the result, I realised it could be my fault (that I got it), but I did everything. I wore masks, sanitise, wash my hands, but it (still) happened. I was shaking when it happened and didn’t know what to do,” she wrote on Instagram.

According to reports in the New Straist Times, the posting included videos and photographs throughout her experience of being quarantined.

She said when she was informed that she was Covid-19 positive, she immediately contacted her mother and father to inform them about it. She said she assured her parents not to worry about her.

“I was so afraid to tell them because I know how worried they’ll be (they very much did worry), but they managed to calm me down and asked me to follow the SOP.”

Francisca said she then contacted the Health Ministry and was told to self-quarantine at home because she was asymptomatic.

“It was scary to receive the result because I felt all okay, everything was fine. No fever. I had a slight back pain and a bit of flu, but other than that, all was good.”

She said she knew the only way to face her fears was to follow the advice from medical specialists. She adhered to the self-quarantine directive for 10 days.

She also apologised for not being able to reply to messages during that period.

“After 10 days, the second test results came back negative, but now I’m in self isolation for a couple of days just to make sure everything is fine.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t inform it publicly but I’ve informed all of my close contacts whom I’ve spoken to, and they did their tests and all of them had negative results,” she said.

She attached both her Covid-19 test results on the same Instagram post.

Francisco also thanked everyone for the positive messages, warm support and prayers.

“(It) wasn’t a good way to start the year, but every challenge will strengthen the mind, body and soul.

“Care for your loved ones, stay home if you got nothing important to do unless buying groceries,” she said, while reminding people to follow the SOP to stay safe.

She said she was aware that she would attract some negative comments by sharing her experience. However, she did not mind because her intention was simply to share her story.

The Kuching-born lass had made Sarawak proud after she beat 17 finalists in the grand finale of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2020 pageant.