Miri lock-up rape: 11 senior, junior cops to face disciplinary action

By John Isaac

A TOTAL 11 senior and junior police officers will face disciplinary action in connection with the case of a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by another detainee last Jan 9 inside a toilet of Miri police station.

The Department of Integrity and Compliance Standards (JIPS) director Zamri Yahya said JIPS had investigated the alleged carelessness and misconduct of the officers.

“Apart from the criminal action taken against the two police personnel, action will be taken against the 11 other senior and junior officers who were found to have careless and failed to in carry out their duties,” he said in a statement in Putra Jaya reported in New Sarawak Tribune.

Two policemen were earlier charged under the Child Act 2001 in connection with the rape case on Feb 9, but both pleaded not guilty.

The incident attracted widespread publicity especially after it was reported that the CCTV camera at the police station did not have a recording function.

According to an earlier news report, the underaged detainee was raped after she was taken out of her cell by a fellow inmate.

This has resulted in many people questioning and wondering how the other detainee could get a key to take the girl out of her cell.

There were also those who questioned how the incident could have happened under the supervision of police.

The girl had earlier been picked up during a gambling raid.