Minister in spotlight again for allegedly flouting SOP

By John Isaac

Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa has been hit with another round of allegations that he had again flouted the second movement control order’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

This was after a photo of him and six others sitting at a long banquet table for a meal this morning began circulating online.

In the photo, a banner welcoming Annuar to an urban farming programme event dated today was strung up behind the minister.

Under the SOPs, dining in an enclosed place is allowed but limited to two people per table.

In a Facebook post believed to be referring to the incident, the minister said he only sat down for a short time before shifting elsewhere.

“When I was at the farm, I sat down for a moment and moved because the organiser did not follow SOPs.

“It is not because I was unwilling or did not appreciate the host, but they must follow SOPs. I apologise and hope no one is offended,” he added.

Photos of his visit to the urban farm were attached to the post but not the one of him sitting down for a meal.

Malaysiakini has contacted Annuar for comment.

Previously, the minister was accused of flouting the SOP barring jogging involving more than two people from the same household.

This was after he posed for a photo with two others after a walk.

Annuar claimed then that all three had walked different routes but ran into each other by coincidence.