MCO: Better public awareness among Sarawakians

Picture from Borneo Post

By John Isaac

AWARENESS on proper social distancing to reduce the risk of the Covid-19 transmission among the public in Kuching appears to have improved, including among business operators.

A survey by Borneo Post revealed many restaurants, supermarkets and healthcare outlets were advocating social distancing by getting customers to queue according to marked lines on the floor, a metre apart.

This could be seen at the Everrise supermarket in CityONE Megamall here, where customers also had their body temperature taken before they could enter the premises.

They were also required to apply hand sanitisers, placed outside the supermarket, before proceeding with their shopping.

Picture from Borneo Post

Workers providing essential services had also been observing strict hygiene practices during the current Movement Control Order (MCO) period, with almost all of them wearing face masks and gloves when serving customers.

As eateries here were only allowed to provide takeaway service, customers could be seen waiting for their orders outside the premises.

Both consumers and food service operators have been encouraged to run transactions via online platforms such as using eWallet services, to minimise close physical contact between people.

During yesterday’s observation, customers coming to order their takeaways at the McDonald’s outlet along Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce were seen undergoing temperature checks before entering the premises.

A McDonald’s worker at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce outlet sanitises the delivery bags prior to filling them with customers’ orders.

On the roads, food delivery men could be seen riding their motorcycles, where the food compartments bore the logos of many franchise restaurants, and also those of mobile food delivery applications.

Picture from Borneo Post

However, they – together with a handful of other motorists – were the only ones on the road.

Many shops and office premises remained closed yesterday, which marked Day 5 of the MCO.

The majority of areas across the city, which used to be crowded during the weekends prior to the MCO, appeared ‘deserted’ yesterday.