MBKS should also be fined for allowing surprise birthday party at its office


By S. Harrish

THE Kuching South City Council (MBKS) should also be fined for the surprise birthday party as it was the premises where it was held.

To set a good example, former Stampin MP Julian Tan said MBKS should also allow other enforcement agencies to fine them, instead of MBKS issuing a fine to itself.

Julian Tan

“If this was a case of a restaurant, both the business owner and customers who did not comply with the SOP would be fined, with the business owner slapped the maximum penalty of RM50,000.”

He said a slight overlook quickly lands the public and business owners into trouble with full compounds instead of just a warning.

“The law enforcers should exercise some flexibility as not to unfairly burden the public, especially so when it is not an act of defiance but sheer carelessness or forgetfulness.

“Many are just honest or unintentional mistakes. They should be let off with a reprimand,” he said in a statement.

MBKS Mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng had a surprise birthday celebration and later apologised for it.

He later asked MBKS enforcement officers to fine him for flouting CMCO SOPs.

Tan argued that MBKS, as one of the enforcement agencies, did not receive the same ‘full treatment’ as any other business owners.

Due to possible conflict of interest, it’s only proper for MBKS to allow other enforcement agencies such as the police to issue them the compound, he said.