Mass vaccination the only way out, stresses Sarawak DAP chief

Chong Chieng Jen – Picture from SarawakVoice

By John Isaac

YESTERDAY, the United Kingdom reported zero deaths from Covid-19.

It may be just a one-day figure but it definitely tells of things turning around for the better in UK which had been one of the countries hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“On the contrary, yesterday, we, in Malaysia, recorded 126 Covid-19 deaths, so far, the highest single-day deaths from the virus.

“While the total population of the UK is approximately 67 million which is more than double that of Malaysia, its new Covid-19 infection cases yesterday was 3,165 as compared to our 7,703 new infections yesterday,” said Sarawak DAP chief, Chong Chieng Jen.

In Sarawak, he said, we recorded the third highest number of new infection cases among all states and territories in Malaysia.

“When things are getting better in other countries, we are going the opposite direction.

“These figures can only point to one conclusion – the PN Government has failed us Malaysian and the GPS Government has failed us Sarawakians,” he stressed.

That is why the internet tagline of “KerajaanPNGgagal” is gaining more shares and tags now.

The turnaround in the pandemic situation in other countries is possible solely because of an effective and efficient vaccination programme.

On the contrary, we are still stuck with the slow appointment dates of the MySejahtera software programme, slow supply of vaccines and the confusing MCO SOPs.

Since Feb 2021, Chong said we have been hearing the State Government talking about purchasing vaccines on its own.

Then, suddenly after three months of the GPS Government talking about purchasing vaccines for Sarawakians, recently on May 28, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation said Sarawak will be allocated a total 4.4 million doses of vaccines to be delivered in weekly batches of 380,000 doses starting June.

With that announcement, all plans to purchase vaccines by the State Government are now suddenly put aside.

“It is already June and yet have heard nothing from the Government on when the first batch of those 380,000 doses will arrive and how is the Government going to step up the vaccination rate from the current less than 10,000 doses per day to the targeted 50,000 doses per day.

“For the sake of our people, our lives and our economy, I urge both the federal and state governments to get serious with and step up the rollout of the mass vaccination programme.

“It has been tested and proven in other countries to be the most effective way to fight the pandemic and our government should not be sitting on their laurels with the current slow progress,” added Chong.