Mass resignations expected in Sarawak PKR

Larry Sng

By S. Harrish

A NUMBER of resignations by PKR grassroot leaders are expected in Sarawak as the fallout from the breakaway faction continues.

Sarawak PKR chairman Larry Sng said the resignations are expected from those aligned to the party’s previous leadership and they are mainly from Mas Gading, Bandar Kuching, Stampin, Petra Jaya, Kanowit, Lanang, Lubok Antu and Bintulu divisions.

He said these mass resignations should come as no surprise since rumours of their defection has been an open secret for many weeks but he wants them to reconsider their decision.

“I want to wish them well in every sense of the word as they have contributed immensely to the success and the struggles of the party over the past 20 years,” he said.

However, it was always a sad period for a party whenever their leaders leave.

“The principles they stood for resonated deeply with them then, and I am sure in their hearts, it is still what they hold true to today,” he posted on Facebook today.

Sng said he felt that many of them don’t want to be in Sarawak PKR simply because they feel disenfranchised with the leadership and they don’t sense that they have any room to survive and grow.

He said whatever was behind their decision to leave the party, he wanted them to reconsider it.

“Under my leadership there is always room for talent to grow, even if they are not part of the winning team.

Sng said that even during the contentious PKR party elections of 2018, he refused to compromise on his principles.

He said that recently, there was a move within Sarawak PKR by a “certain winning team” which wanted to cleanse the remaining “cartel members” from its state line-up by constantly attacking them on Facebook.

“I took this issue seriously and brought it to the attention of the most senior party leadership,” he said.