Mas Gading MP: Who said I was leaving DAP?

Mordi Bimol, MP Mas Gading

By John Isaac

MAS Gading MP, Mordi Bimol today dismissed all rumours of him leaving the DAP to join Perikatan Nasional.

“I am 100 per cent with DAP and Pakatan Harapan and will continue to serve the people I represent, especially those in Mas Gading.

“I may be facing some minor health issues, but it is certainly not going to change any of my principles,” he stressed.

He said those responsible for making him an MP were the voters of Mas Gading and he would continue to be loyal to them.

“I am sure each individual has his or her reasons for jumping parties. One main factor however is with regards to special allocations for their respective constituencies.

“From those days, only those representatives of the government would receive the said allocations, but not the opposition. This is one tactic used by those in power to attract the opposition representatives,” he said.

He said this was a serious matter and needed urgent attention.

“The current backdoor government came into existence due to a few who were only keen on their self-interest and greed for positions.

“In the current political turmoil, I have never seen my fellow comrades shaken. Despite the odds, DAP continues to remain strong and steady,” he said.

This experience, said Mordi has made him increasingly confident with the DAP.

“We may not enjoy luxuries here, but we are honest, fair and principled.

“We will grow stronger and continue to work hard and defend the mandate of the people,” he said.