Love struck Sibu teacher loses money to Casanova

Pic from Shutterstock

A 38-YEAR-OLD teacher from Sibu, Sarawak was not only cheated of love, but also a huge sum of money by a man she got to know over social media.

The man had earlier claimed he wanted to marry the woman whom he befriended in September last year, news portal Gagodaily reported.

He had apparently placed a personal advertisement looking for a lifetime partner to which the teacher responded.

They then began communicating through WhatsApp and after a week, the man said he wanted to marry her.
He duped her saying he needed the money to make wedding preparations, which include a wedding gown and honeymoon arrangements.

The woman apparently fell for it and parted with RM47,280.

In November, the “bridegroom” asked her for another RM10,450 which he promised to repay after the “wedding”.
However, this time the woman refused.

Suspecting something, on Feb 10, this year, the woman checked the man’s marital status at the Registration Department and found he was married with three kids.

She then went on to check on the “wedding arrangements” and the honeymoon package which she found to be non-existent.

The victim then called the man to return the money. The suspect refused and had since stopped corresponding with the woman. The victim had since lodged a police report.