“Look after your own backyard,” Lim tells Annuar

By S. Harrish

DAP has told off sacked BN sec-gen Tan Sri Annuar Musa, saying he should not drag the party into Umno’s problems.

Responding to Annuar’s tweet asking him to check his backyard for overgrown grass, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, said the latter was spewing “nonsense”.

“I don’t know what fairy tale he is trying to share. Is he talking about the grass near the Umno building or at the back of his house?

“You look after your own backyard and we (DAP) will look after our own,” Lim said, according to the NST.

Lim said Annuar should not have made up stories about a supposed collaboration between DAP and Umno to form a new federal government.

He also chided Annuar, calling him a “lidah biawak” (forked tongue), and alleging that the Ketereh MP was not speaking the truth besides issuing confusing statements.

“I want to stress here today that what Annuar said is not true and has no basis. Any discussion on a political collaboration will surely involve the party top leadership, in this case, me as the DAP secretary-general. However, nothing of that sort happened.”

Lim said Annuar should not use DAP for his own political survival.

“Annuar lacks calibre and is dishonest. He is clearly using DAP to save his own political career.

“I see Annuar as wanting to sell Umno to Bersatu. Even if he wants to do that, he should not trade DAP because we are not involved in anyway. DAP knows nothing,” he added.

He said the Pakatan Harapan will undertake all efforts to return to power as a legitimate elected government despite the current political challenges.