Kuching urgently needs more rescue boats – Abdul Aziz

By S. Harrish

DESPITE Sarawak having so much of natural resources, the Kuching Fire and Rescue Department has only one boat available for rescue operations.

Stampin DAP Youth chief Abdul Aziz Isa said he learned of this when he went out to help flood victims at Desa Wira Resettlement Scheme.

“Last night, I went to several places to monitor the flood situation. During my last stop at Desa Wira, I noticed there was only one rescue boat available to evacuate flood victims.”

He said the Fire Department badly needed boats to evacuate flood victims.

“Some victims even have to carry their elderly parents for more than one kilometre just to move out from the affected areas.

“One of the flood victims told me she had been waiting for hours for the Bomba to evacuate her children.”

Abdul Aziz said that as floodwaters rose to nearly two feet, they had no choice but wade in the flood waters and carry the children.

He said it was a totally different scenario in Peninsula Malaysia as it seems like fire stations there have sufficient boats.

“How can such a thing happen to us here? Are we being treated unfairly despite being part of the Perikatan Nasional coalition?

“In times of crisis, the government needs to ensure that enough assets are available.”

He said it was shameful that the GPS-led state government talked so much about having its own LRT, hydrogen bus, Digital Village and coast guard, yet they failed to provide enough boats.

Since the affected areas are still flooded, he urged both federal and state governments to provide more boats and necessary equipment to the fire department.