Kuching mayor: Don’t urinate in public please!

By Chew Lip Song

“DON’T pee in public” is usually an advice or directive dished out in less developed communities. But Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng, upset with the unsanitary habit of some folks in the city, found it fit to issue the reminder.

“We can’t just build public toilets (everywhere) when there are some people who refused to use the public toilets which are at their reach.

“It is common sense that people should not simply unzipped in the open and pee into the drains at their convenience, even though there’s an urging need to go, when public toilets are accessible,” Wee was reported as saying in DayakDaily in a Facebook live event.

Wee was responding to complaints that some women felt uneasy seeing men answering the call of nature at the drains.

He added that the council would consider installing close circuit television (CCTV) at such hot spots to catch and fine the offenders.

“Toilet is meant for us to do our business privately. So go there.

“I think it is not just about privacy and dignity but practicality and health. As part of civic mindedness, we should protect the good image of our city by keeping it clean and beautiful,” he added.