Kit Siang: Use cash reserves, not EPF money, for Covid-19 aid

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By Chew Lip Song

OPPOSITION leader Lim Kit Siang has urged the government to use its reserves as cash support for workers affected by Covid-19 instead of allowing them to withdraw RM500 per month from their Employees Provident Fund savings.

The Iskandar Puteri Member of Parliament said the government should also give serious consideration to the proposal by the Pakatan Harapan secretariat for emergency funds to be disbursed via the Cost of Living Aid (BSH), starting with payments of RM1,000 for March and April each.

“Muhyiddin Yassin’s proposal to allow EPF contributors to withdraw up to RM500 a month from Account 2 for the next 12 months beginning April 1 is a disappointment as it is not a well thought-out proposal to help workers affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Yesterday, Muhyiddin announced that workers would be able to withdraw RM500 per month for up to six months from their EPF Account 2 to tide them over due to economic hardships following the Covid-19 outbreak.

The decision had sparked criticisms, including from the Malaysian Trades Union Congress who said that EPF funds was for workers’ old age savings.

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