Kapit longhouse family spends night in boat to escape rising flood water

The family taking shelter and sleeping in their longboat anchored at the inundated corridor of their longhouse. – Picture from Borneo Post

By John Isaac

FEARING for their safety, a family from Rumah Kulleh, Sungai Embuau, Song in Kapit resorted to spending a night in their longboat when their longhouse was inundated by rising flood water recently.

The heavy rain and rising water from Rajang River had caused Sungai Embuau, a small river, to overflow its banks.

Other longhouse folks were forced to move to higher ground to spend the night and stay safe from the flood.

Being innovative, the family decided to pull their longboat into the common veranda of the longhouse to put all their important belongings and to spend the night.

During its height, the rising flood water also inundated other low-lying areas in Song, including a settlement at Kampung Sejiran, Jalan Kebiew, Song Express Terminal and children playground at the ongoing Song Waterfront landscaping project.

According to reports in Borneo Post, the water rose rapidly and only receded around midnight on Sunday. Yesterday morning, the Song Express Terminal was no longer flooded.

Personnel from the Song Fire and Rescue (Bomba) station were mobilised to Kampung Sejiran, Jalan Kebiew to help those affected by the flood to move their valuables and other belongings to higher ground.

When contacted, Penghulu Lim Eng Hock said the highest water level was recorded on Sunday evening.

“Around midnight, the rising water overflowed to the Song Express Terminal, children playground and some parts of Kampung Sejiran, Jalan Kebiew and SK Nanga Temalat,” he said, adding it came and went very fast.

By yesterday morning, all affected areas had returned to normal, he said.