Japanese pay tribute to Malaysia’s handling of Covid-19 outbreak

The Japanese are in awe with Malaysia’s handling of Covid-19. Pic from The Economist

By Chew Lip Song

WHO would have thought that a tweet from the Malaysian Information Department about precautionary steps to contain the Covid-19 outbreak would draw so much attention in Japan?

The original post, which was picked up by @kuraranet has since been re-tweeted close to 19,000 times, with over 20,000 likes, most of which praised the Malaysian government in handling the outbreak.

The original tweet, posted on Feb 10 listed down guidelines by the Human Resources Ministry to employers. The infographic contained five areas employers could do to combat Covid-19:

  • Order employees showing symptoms of the disease to undergo medical screening, with the costs to be borne by employer
  • Pay full salaries to employees undergoing quarantine
  • Employers are not to deduct from the annual leave of employees who are being quarantined
  • Employers are encouraged to pay additional allowance for employees who are quarantined
  • Employers cannot bar workers from showing up at work if the employee had not been certified as ill, or suspected to have contracted the virus, by doctors

One respond from the tweet came from Japanese @fukushimah who described “Malaysia is a good government.”

From: https://twitter.com/fukushimah/status/1228604840411987969

Another user, @tomakatu praised Malaysia’s quick response to issue a guideline on containing the virus:


From https://twitter.com/tomokaz78380709/status/1227960755678408705

Earlier this month, an official from the World Health Organisation (WHO) commended the Malaysian authorities for their action in managing and containing the spread of Covid-19.

WHO representative to Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore, Dr Lo Ying-Ru was quoted in Bernama as saying that the Government had been exemplary in its case investigation and in sharing the latest developments with WHO and the public.

“We (WHO and the public) can see all the information, and the information is immediately out on social media and the Health Ministry website, so I think they are doing very well.

“WHO is also constantly in touch, sharing information (with the Malaysian authorities) like the latest guidelines…and they have applied these (guidelines). They are well prepared, courageous and hardworking,” she added.