Jackie Wong continues to test positive for Covid-19

By Jack Lapidus

NATIONAL hammer thrower Jackie Wong Siew Cher continues to test positive for Covid-19 despite being quarantined at Sibu Hospital for almost a month now.

But the athlete said his condition has improved even though he has tested positive, DayakDaily reported.

“Last week’s test results showed that I am still positive for Covid-19.

“However, my condition is improving, but sometimes I still feel a bit tired,” he said.

The SEA Games 2017 gold medallist yearned for his recovery so that he can spend time with his family while the country is under the Movement Control Order (MCO).

He also urged the public to comply with the MCO and not to leave the house unnecessarily due to the infectious nature of Covid-19.

“I wish I could be like all of you out there and have the opportunity to sit, eat and chat with family members instead of sitting here in quarantine.

“So please value the time that you have by spending it with your family,” he advised.

In order to pass the time, he performs lights exercises every evening while also spending his time praying, reading and watching some movies.

Wong has been quarantined at the hospital since March 16.

He was believed to be infected while visiting his father Sarikei MP Andrew Wong Ling Biu, who has also tested positive for the virus.

The senior Wong, who is Sarikei MP, is still admitted at the same hospital.

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