Infections from longhouse clusters second highest nationwide

Bernama photo

By Chew Lip Song

LONGHOUSE Covid-19 clusters contributed the second-highest number of infections within the community cluster category in the country, with “family members and close contact” being the top.

According to statistics from the Health Ministry, 13,076 positive cases were reported among community clusters in the country between Jan 1 and Apr 19 this year.

Of the total, 4,598 were due to “family members and close contact”, while 3,732 were from longhouses.

Clusters from funerals contributed 1,202 cases, followed by weddings (1,088) and celebration gatherings (1,020), according to Ministry statistics sighted by The New Sarawak.

Other common cluster categories are “workplace”, “educational institutions” and “schools”.

Sarawak has recorded a spike in Covid-19 infections over the past three weeks, of which many cases were traced to longhouses.

The Pasai cluster, the largest in Sarawak, was largely spread among residents in longhouses. The cluster recorded 2,693 cases and 29 deaths and its end was declared on Apr 13.

The index case had returned from Johor Bahru to attend her father’s funeral at a longhouse in Pasai,  Sibu on Dec 29, 2020.

The Pasai cluster cluster saw six generations of infections and spread to 58 longhouses throughout Sarawak and gave birth to one sub-cluster, Tangap, in Subis, Miri involving a temporary construction workers’ quarters.

Many of the active clusters in Sarawak now are from longhouses.

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