Indonesian man jailed for molesting nurse in Kuching

By Emma Victoria

AN Indonesian worker was sentenced to six months in jail today for outraging the modesty of a 23-year-old nurse, who was treating him for leptospirosis at a hospital here last August.

Kusno, 52, pleaded guilty to the charge before Magistrate Syarifah Fatimah Azura Wan Ali.

He was charged under Section 354 of the Penal Code and his jail term took effect from  Aug 18 last year – the date of his arrest.

He will be deported after serving time.

According to Borneo Post, he had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge when appearing in court last year.

He had molested the 23-year-old nurse at 8pm on Aug 9, 2020, when the victim was preparing to treat him.

Kusno touched her private part and uttered the words: “I want this.”

He did it again when the nurse questioned him, sending the nurse running to her colleagues for help.

In his mitigation, Kusno, who hails from West Java, pleaded with the court for clemency and also to be sent home soon.