Impractical and irrational to ban alcohol in Malaysia

By Emma Victoria

PAS’ proposal to suspend the production and sales of alcohol to prevent drunk driving in Malaysia is impractical and irrational.

Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong said there is no room for policies that could cause disunity, tension and uneasiness among the multi-racial society here.

“It is a great concern that PAS is now part of the federal government and its extremist agenda has started to creep into our country’s administrative polices and encroach into our lifestyles.

“Furthermore, the mindset of PAS leaders can be worrying,” she said in a statement.

She said by PAS suggesting a total ban on alcohol just because of some cases of irresponsible drivers was like calling for all marriages to be banned just because of some incidents of abuse.

“This is totally ridiculous. If PAS thinks this can work, then they should not hesitate to propose a total ban on driving in all states under their rule.

“They should also in that case, propose to castrate all males to avoid rape altogether,” she said.

Yong said a more effective way to curb the drunk driving menace would be by way of management analytics rather to propose a blanket ban.

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