ICT makes study and work from home possible


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By Emma Victoria

MAKE full use of information and communication technology (ICT) to work and study from home during the 14-day movement restriction period. This was the advice by Sarawak PAS Commissioner and Miri party chief Jofri Jaraiee.

He said many companies in the banking, aviation, bus, hotel and travel industries offer online services to facilitate consumers. Similarly, users can book airline tickets online at any time without having to leave home.

Many universities also offered distance learning where internet usage is very much needed.

“It’s time that facilities like these are extended to schools from lower to upper levels using an online system for students to continue learning without going to school,” he said in a statement.

The learning process can be done through video conference while notes can be downloaded online.

Besides, lectures can be recorded and students can listen to lectures over and over again.

Although those in the consumer services, construction projects, and open businesses such as fish market, couldn’t benefited from such facilities, all parties must follow the government’s directive to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

Hopefully, the problem can be resolved immediately for the safety and health of Malaysians.

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