Iconic horse cliff in Tusan beach now no more


Before and after photos of the iconic place. – Pictures from NST and Straits Times.

By Abdul Karim Rozilan

IT was something the people in Miri were proud off.

The iconic rock formation which was popularly known as the “Horse Head Drinking Water” at Tusan Beach has since collapsed.

There is nothing left now of the once famous icon except for a pile of rubble.

According to Dayak Daily, the incident occurred on Thursday night when it was raining heavily.

Tusan beach in Bekenu is located about 40 minutes drive from Miri and is popular both among locals and tourists.

Many used to visit the beach simply to catch a glimpse of the rock formation which resembles that of a horse leaning over to drink.

Dayak Daily quoted Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Datuk Sebastian Ting as saying that the collapse of the rock structure was truly a sad incident for Mirians.

He said he would call for an investigation into the incident and submit a report. He had also visited the site.

There were earlier reports saying there were plans to build a retaining wall to protect the formation, but nothing transpired.

A local resident said she was very sad as the rock formation was unique and drew many visitors.

“The authorities should have done something to preserve the formation. It was a gift from nature and now its gone,” she said.