IC issue for natives will be solved in one year if we win – S’wak PKR

By S. Harrish

SARAWAK PKR vows to solve the statelessness issue within a year if it wins the 12th Sarawak State Elections.

Its information chief Abun Sui Anyit said the party was concerned over recent reports on the issue of Sarawakian natives without identification documents.

He said in statement today that since the formation of Malaysia 58 years ago, the issue remains unresolved despite much talk on it.

“It cannot be denied that the problem is a huge loss because the natives cannot enjoy the facilities and incentives given by the government such as B40 assistance, welfare and medical.”

He said some of them had even fought for the country but still do not have an identity card even though they are over 80 years old now.

“Therefore, PKR is determined that if given a mandate by the people of Sarawak to rule the State, the problem on lack of identity cards as citizens of Sarawak will be resolved within one year,” he said.

He said the solution to this issue was only through serious and honest political determination to give justice.