“I will support anti-hopping law” – Sng

Larry Sng – Picture from Malaysiakini

By S. Harrish

FORMER Sarawak PKR chief Larry Sng said he will support any law to stop elected representatives from party hopping.

The Julau MP, who quit PKR last weekend to become a Perikatan Nasional-friendly independent MP, however said Independents have the right to choose which party to stay with or go to.

“That’s because their mandate when elected is not bound to any party,” he told FMT.

Sng had won as an Independent before joining PKR in Sarawak after the last general election.

Tebrau MP Stephen Choong from PKR also left the party and declared his support for Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

On allegations that millions of ringgit had been transacted in the recent crossovers, Sng insisted that he did not personally and financially benefit from his decision to quit PKR.

He added that it did not matter to him that people were making all kinds of allegations about his move.

“What I can say is that I didn’t personally profit from my resignation. My move only benefits my constituents.

“My conscience is clear. I work for my people in Julau and am not interested in being involved in constant politicking. The government needs help to fight this pandemic. People must come first,” he told FMT.

When told many politicians had argued that it was a poor example to cite the lack of funds to develop the constituency as he was in the opposition, Sng said politicians from the peninsula and urban areas would have no idea of the challenges the people in Julau face.

“They can say all they want. My area is the poorest in the country. These critics will never know what the people in Julau have to go through. So it’s unfair to judge,” he said.