Hydrogen buses not “missing” but undergoing maintenance

The Chief Minister when launching the hydrogen bus service earlier this year. – The Star Pic

By Emma Victoria

THE free hydrogen bus service in Kuching will only resume operations after the vehicles have undergone the scheduled maintenance works by technicians from the China-based manufacturer, Foshan Feichi Automobile Co, Ltd.

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Husain said the service was temporarily suspended since the Movement Control Order (MCO) on March 18.

“The three buses are still under warranty. Presently, they are still grounded as the manufacturer have yet to carry out scheduled maintenance works. Its technicians are unable to enter Sarawak due to the travel restrictions under MCO,’’ he said in a statement.

Apart from that, the bus manufacturer was also scheduled to complete the training schedule for local technicians as part of the technical support agreement.

Abdul Aziz said that the reliability and safety of passengers are of utmost priority and as such the bus service would only resume operations when every vehicle is proven to be fully roadworthy.

He also assured that the free bus service for both locals and foreigners will resume operation once the maintenance works are completed.

Earlier, several DAP leaders had taken the government to task for the suspension of the service despite the easing of travel restrictions. The party’s Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii had also questioned if any feasibility studies were done before the vehicles’ introduction.

Dr Yii had asked why the state didn’t opt for electricity-powered buses when Sarawak has ample hydro electricity sources.

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