Here’s how Sarawak’s “Bah Arnab” Covid-19 cluster got its name

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AS names of Covid-19 clusters go, “Bah Arnab”, the latest to be declared in Sarawak, stands out for not being referenced to any locations of the pandemic hotspots, as they usually do.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee chairman Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah explains how the cluster derived its name.

“Bah”, he said in a Borneo Post report, was short for Sabah, where the index case may have contracted the virus from.

“Arnab”,  Malay for “rabbit”, refers to the index case’s occupation as a rabbit farmer.

Yesterday, Uggah, who is a deputy chief minister, announced that the “Bah Arnab” cluster has been declared. So far, four have tested positive.

He added that the cluster was under control as it only involved the index case’s immediate family members for now.

“However, further investigation and tracing of other contacts to this cluster are being actively carried out by the State Health Department to prevent the disease from spreading more seriously,” he said.