Grandma loses about RM230k she saved for years in Milo tins (video)

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By John Isaac

A GRANDMOTHER in Penang who had been saving her money for years in Milo tins got a shock when she finally decided to cash in.

A Facebook post which has since gone viral showed several of the notes, believed to be worth about RM230,000 had been damaged and crumbled to pieces after being destroyed by pests in the metal containers.

The video showed several stacks of RM100 notes worth RM330,000 in total falling into pieces and even breaking in half.

A man in the video said there was RM10,000 in a stack and there were about 23 stacks in total which were damaged.

Fortunately, one stack worth about RM100,000 was in good condition.

The man said he would try to seek assistance from the bank over the matter.