GPS urged to use reserves to help Sarawakians

By S. Harrish

THE Sarawak government should properly plan its Covid-19 action plans before implementing them so as to minimise inconveniences to the people.

DAP’s Michael Kong said there have been mounting complaints about the ever-changing SOPs and how it has disrupted their daily lives.

He cited an example of gymnasiums and fitness studios, whereby they reopened for just one week before being ordered to close again.

“It just seems that this government cannot get anything planned and done properly,” he said in a statement today.

He also described the current SOPs as half-baked just like the previous ones.

Kong also urged the Sarawak government to give more aid to the people using its reserves as the Federal Government had already said it had no more money.

While this may explain why there isn’t any more financial assistance from the Federal Government, he said this cannot be said of the Sarawak government. “Often, the GPS has boasted its cash reserves of over RM24billion but we have yet to see any hard cash being distributed to the people except during the initial months of MCO in 2020.”

He urged the GPS to spend the much touted reserves on the people.

“Reserves are for rainy days and this is definitely one of it that justifies its use.”