GPS needs to walk the talk by getting Putrajaya to withdraw “Allah” appeal – Kong

Pix from Asia Sentinel

By S. Harrish

ALTHOUGH Sarawakians welcome the stance taken by the Sarawak government on the use of ‘Allah’ in Sarawak, the question lingers if GPS had conveyed its position to the Federal Government prior to its decision to appeal.

DAP’s Micheal Kong also asked if GPS, as part of the Federal Government, will be able to stop any prosecution in Sarawak on the issue.

“Too often we see GPS and their component parties particularly SUPP, trying to gain political mileage when the fault is equally theirs in the first place. The buck should also not stop at Abang Jo’s statement,” he said.

“Jill Ireland may be a Melanau Christian, but she is a Sarawakian. As the state government, it is the natural duty of GPS to protect her religious rights.”

Michael Kong 

He said GPS should also look into the interests of all Sarawakians as many were working in other parts of Malaysia.

“Therefore the stance on the use of ‘Allah’ should not be confined to Sarawak alone,” he said in a statement.
“We now have a Prime Minister, supported by GPS, who is insensitive towards the position of Sabahans and Sarawakians.

“Sarawak should leverage on its ‘kingmaker’ status to get Putrajaya to reconsider the original proposed settlement terms under PH and withdraw its appeal.

“It is time GPS show that it is genuine by walking the talk.”

Meanwhile on a different matter, Kong said that based recent statements from Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah and James Masing, there were questions if GPS had an active role to play in the recent defections by former PKR MPs.

By defending such actions, he said Abdul Karim was condoning and acknowledging the current ‘frog disease’ that many MPs have contracted.

“It is sad that such a senior politician would encourage people to break people’s trust and betray the people’s mandate. To do so openly on numerous occasions only hits the nail into GPS’ coffin.”

Kong, who is also Sarawak DAP chief’s Chong Chieng Jen’s special assistant, claimed GPS had been poor in decision making for over 55 years.

“Then when it had the chance to subscribe to a change in the Malaysian political landscape, it chose to be part of the Sheraton Move and orchestrate the downfall of a New Malaysia.

“To make things worse, GPS chose to partner with Pas which allowed that party to helm many important ministries. It is because of GPS that we now have Takiyuddin Hassan as the de facto Law Minister.

“So, before GPS tries to show off its might and political strength, it ought to take a look in the mirror and see where our country is heading under its current leadership,” he added.