GPS ministers do not understand B40 problems – Sim

Sim Kiat Leng

By S. Harrish

SARAWAK ministers have been criticised for being detached from reality and not understanding the difficulties faced by the common people in Sarawak, especially the B40 group.

State DAP chief’s special assistant Sim Kiat Leng said the BKSS 5.0 programme showed that the GPS ministers did not understand the people and if they had spent time and effort to understand the difficulties faced by the people, they could have come up with better ideas and initiatives.

He said they would then also be able to implement these initiatives more efficiently and effectively.
“While the discounts on rent and assessment rates, and exemptions for permit and licence fees are welcomed, the BKSS 5.0 has largely failed to address the plight of the B40.

“It is the B40 who are most affected by this pandemic and have difficulty to even put food on their tables.”

Sim said in a statement that the GPS government prides itself in having RM26 billion in reserves but asked why this was not being used to help the people.

“What is the point of having such a large reserve if it is not used during such challenging times?”
He said the state should reintroduce another round of monetary assistance which was initially introduced in BKSS 1.0.

“However, this must come together with proper execution because till today, many are still complaining that they were yet to receive the initial RM250 per month under BKSS 1.0.

“Therefore, the poor implementation process which is currently in place must be revamped.”

Sim also urged the Sarawak government to give an income replacement of RM250 monthly for B40 families for a period of 3 months and six months for frontliners.

He also said a financial assistance of RM2,000 should be given to micro business owners.