Govt should stop treating people in opposition-held areas as second class citizens

By S. Harrish

IT is the duty of the government to develop all areas in the country and it should not rest on the shoulders of the elected representative for the area.

DAP Serian chief Brolin Nicholsion said any notion that implies if a rep is with the ruling government meant the electorate will get better benefits, should be rejected as it was baseless.

“The government should never be selective by giving more allocations to only those who support them. They should realise that even in opposition-held areas, they have supporters backing them.”

Nicholsion said this in a statement responding to Puncak Borneo MP Datuk Willie Mongin who had said that Julau MP Larry Sng’s defection benefits the constituents.

He said this type of thinking holds back a resource-rich country from developing as it discriminated anyone who opposed the ruling government.

“Mongin as a deputy minister should be more sensitive to this issue of under-developed areas and advise the government to ensure these places are not left behind in development.”

He added that only by doing so, the government can truly develop the nation and achieve its vision and mission of ensuring nobody was left behind.

“So stop treating those in opposition-held areas as second class citizens.

“Mongin should also not encourage defections as this threatens parliamentary democracy,” he said.