Frontliner doctor dies from extreme fatigue

Picture from CodeBlue – strictly for illustration only

By John Isaac

A DOCTOR working as a Health Ministry frontliner has died recently, said Skuad Pengurusan Jenazah Malaysia (SPJM).

The group, sharing the news through SPJM Facebook page late Tuesday night, said Dr Ali Noor Hassan’s death was believed to be caused by extreme fatigue.

In the post, SPJM said Dr Ali fell ill due to the continuous workload and fatigue, apart from having no time to rest.

“He fell asleep while on duty, and fainted,” the post read as reported by the New Straits Times.

It said Dr Ali was also a dakwah service member, and had participated in tabligh group gatherings in Beaufort Sabah.

SPJM said during each large tabligh gathering in Sabah, Dr Ali would fly in from Selangor and volunteer as a medical officer for the participants.

“SPJM has lost yet another committed member for the people, after the death of Kedah SPJM chairman last Friday.

“May Allah accept all his good deeds and forgive his past sins. Our condolences to his family,” it added.

In the post, SPJM also uploaded a picture of Dr Ali, which was taken by a colleague before he fell ill.