From making tarts as a hobby during the MCO to an income-earner

Juvina Grace Dirom.

JUVINA Grace Dirom from Kuching first ventured into the world of Cheese Tart making during the implementation of movement control order (MCO) last year. Now, it has become a source of income for her.

Her business started when she began to upload pictures of her cheese tarts on the social media.

“In the beginning, I only prepared cheese tarts for my children. That was during the MCO period last year.

“I was surprised when my cheese tarts on Facebook began to attract the attention of my friends,” she told Suara Sarawak.

Juvina, who had no basic knowledge in the cheese tart business world, later decided to join a long distance learning (PJJ) class in preparation for her business.

“I began running the business with a capital of RM300 to purchase all the necessary ingredients and equipment.

Some of the cheese tarts that Juvina makes.
“Although I only work from home, I am grateful for the income I receive from selling the cheese tarts,” she said.

Juvina hails from Bau but now operates her business in Miri because her husband has been transferred there.

“Since I was not working, I decided to run the business in my free time apart from helping my husband to earn extra income for the family.

“The estimated profit earned is also worth the capital invested throughout the operation,” she added.

Although she has only begun her cheese tart business for only four months, Juvina is touched by the encouraging response from customers.

Some of the cheese tarts that Juvina makes.

“I accept orders from customers every day and my business operations depend on the number of customer requests.”

Her customers can buy cheese tarts for as low as RM25, depending on the number of tarts they order.

Commenting on the challenges faced, Juvina admitted that the process of designing the patterns chosen by the customers was very complicated and needed to be done carefully.

She said it was a challenge for her to meet the demands of customers.

“So far, I’ve relied entirely on the social media to promote my cheese tarts to the public.

“Despite operating during this Covid-19 pandemic, I have not ignored the standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the authorities,” she said.

In addition, Juvina plans to upgrade the equipment she uses so that she can make cheese tarts faster.

For customers who want to try Juvina’s handmade cheese tarts, you can contact her at 012-845 5020. – New Sarawak Tribune