Friday prayers in Kuching allowed – restricted to 100 people

Friday Prayers – Bernama Pix

By Emma Victoria

FRIDAY prayers are allowed to be held at mosques and suraus in Kuching, but restricted to 100 people, effective today.

Sarawak Islamic Council in a statement said the five daily congregational prayers are allowed as well, following the same SOPs as the state’s capital remains as a red zone.

“The number of people cannot exceed 100 people and must adhere to the SOPs, especially physical distancing,” it said, Borneo Post reported.

However, Masjid Jamek is allowed a maximum of 200 people due to its spacious size.

The council said activities like talks, lectures, recitation of the Quran or Yasin are only allowed in between Maghrib and Isyak prayers, and are subject to the set limit.

It added that meals and banquets at mosques and suraus are not allowed, and it is recommended to provide food packs to bring home.

“Drop the obligatory congregational Friday prayers if you can’t get the quota, instead perform the obligated Fardhu Zohor Prayer with four rak’ahs.”