Free disinfections to help bring down Covid-19 infections

Irene Chang

By John Isaac

IN view of the high number of Covid-19 infections recorded at the Tiong Hua Zone in Sibu, the Bukit Assek Help centre will be organising free disinfections.

Assemblywoman, Irene Chang said the exercise will be carried out at homes which need to be disinfected and will be done over two months.

The service will run from Feb 22 till April 21 and be done by an experienced team which have been carrying out disinfection at the police stations and fire stations and private companies since the start of MCO last year.

Each disinfecting session is expected to cost RM350-RM450 (depending on the size of premises).

“However, we have made arrangements with the owner of Excellent Enterprise, Tomy Tie to disinfect at a minimal cost which shall be borne by us,” said Irene.

As each disinfecting session will take around 30 to 60 minutes, the team from Excellent Enterprise can only set aside the time to help sanitise 3 homes a day.

“This will be arranged by us after we receive such requests. Priority would be given to those staying or working in the Tiong Hua zone as it has the most number of cases at the moment.

“Those who stay in other zones would also be welcome to apply for the free disinfection,”.

They can contact any one of the DAP elected representatives in Sibu – Irene Chang 019 819 6383; David Wong 019 868 5885; Oscar Ling 019 858 1085 or Alice Lau 019 887 3677.

The current situation in Tiong Hua zone actually reflects the years of social and economic neglect which have resulted in the people staying there being more vulnerable to infection.

Irene said poverty has forced many people, especially the rural-urban migrants to stay in a shared house with many other households.

Houses are close to each other. Hence the higher risk of infection between neighbours if they interact with each other without practising their strict social distancing and putting on a mask.

The authorities concerned did not even take steps to sanitise the old folks home at the latest Geronggang cluster.

Instead, the operators of the home have to take action to do the sanitation by themselves.

“This lack of action by the authorities concerned would not help in the fight against Covid-19 if the people affected did not take the initiative to promptly disinfect their own place.

“I urge the authorities to take immediate measures to remedy this as it is medically acknowledged that the Covid-19 virus can survive for up to three days on surfaces,” added the assemblywoman.