Food aid is 2 packets of roti canai?

Families in Igan claimed they received two packets of roti canai as food aid from the state government.

By Emma Victoria

WHILE Julau MP Larry Sng welcomes and appreciates the food aid provided by the Sarawak government, the implementation was rather inconsistent.

“It is definitely a good initiative as many families, especially those from the low income households and villagers will need to be aided during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

But, I also received several complaints from people from different constituencies concerning the food aid they received from the state government,” he said.

According to Sng, each family in Bukit Goram, received 20kg of rice two packets of sugar, as well as biscuits, flour and a packet of food seasoning or Ajinomoto.

In Pakan, each household received 10kg of rice, 2kg of cooking oil, two packets of sugar, instant noodles and tea bags.

However, those in Meluan, they been given 20kg of rice only.

“It is even worse in Igan, whereby villagers claimed they received two packets of roti canai,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Sng, who is the Sarawak PKR Chief said that is why he has advocated that the distribution of RM200,000 food aid for each state constituency, to been handled by the district office and not by certain Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) politicians.

He hoped that such incident does not reoccur again.

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